To My Bride

My wife and I recently attended a marriage ignite event at our church.  During this event the facilitators stressed that our partner is not responsible for our joy, they are only a contributor to our joy.  This is an important theme as we build our relationships with our partners.  Often in our relationships we find ourselves wondering why can’t my partner do this or that.  After a disagreement we often find ourselves thinking about what the other person has done wrong or what they need to change.

I recently lost my patience and exploded on my wife, the consequences of this event left me sitting in our home alone by myself.  In the past I would have found myself thinking how my wife contributed to this event because of her actions, but this time I found myself thinking what do I need to do in order to improve my relationship and regain focus.  Having mindfulness means understanding how our actions or thoughts are contributing to our situation.  I listened to a podcast with Larry Hagner where he explains that the quality of our life depends on the quality of questions we are asking ourselves.  We should not ask weak minded questions like what is wrong with her, rather we should be asking how can I improve this situation.

To My Bride

I appreciate the sacrifices that you have made to your body in order to give me the greatest gift of all.

I appreciate that you have put your career on hold in order to provide a loving and nurturing home for our son.

Thank you for being the most empathetic person that I know.Capture

I appreciate your ability to forgive and forget in order to move forwards.

Thank you for choosing to take this journey through life with me, I would not be half the man that I am without your influence.

Thank you for always putting our son first…..

I appreciate your love and acceptance for other cultures and people.

Thank you for continuing to put a smile on my face.

I Love You…




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