I recently listened to a  podcast interview with Chris Sajnog (retired Navy Seal).  Chris discussed an acronym for teams.  A family should behave as a team and provide support to each other.  By following the teams acronym in everyday life, we can model the behaviors that will teach our children to be their best selves.  Whatever our behaviors, they should always be focused on creating an everlasting bond, making lasting memories, empowering relationships and becoming the influence in your children’s lives, not their peers.sea

T – Taking Responsibility.  Owning mistakes, by not owning our failures we only delay growth.  If we avoid the ownership of our failures there is a high probability that we will repeat those same mistakes.  Ownership of our mistakes will force us to ask the question of, how did I end up in this situation?  By asking this question it will help us to develop a future strategy for growth.  Am I willing to accept that my decisions and choices have put me in this situation, by using this perspective it will give you a higher level of understanding in all of your interactions.  You have a choice in the morning to decide what kind of day you are going to have, this is a form of taking responsibility for your own happiness.  The lesson to teach our children is to fail forward …. failure is acceptable as long it is used as a building block for growth.

E – Encourage Others.  When we help others to focus on their strengths and talents, we are contributing to the greater cause and building a better society.  If you take the time to reflect, you will realize that each of us has the skills and gifts that can contribute to each-others growth.

A – Ask for Help.  If you are willing to swallow your pride and ask for help, it shows that you have faith in others.  As a father, it is acceptable to say I do not know but I will find out.  This shows others that you are vulnerable, showing others that you are vulnerable can be the foundation for strong relationships.

M – Master Yourself.  Understanding your strengths, weaknesses and emotions can give you the ability to handle every situation.  It is important to take the time to understand and learn about yourself.

S – Sacrifice.  By sacrificing for your family, it will show true love.  Sacrificing can be as simple as getting out of bed thirty minutes early in order to make breakfast for your wife, especially if it will improve her day or preparing lunch for your son.  Sacrificing so that members of the family can achieve their goals can be compared to a sacrifice bunt in baseball.  At times everyone in the family will need to make a sacrifice for the others, this will create an even stronger bond.



Chris Sajnog

The Good Dad Project

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